Crazy Eddie Furlong

No one can ever accuse Edward Furlong of being dull!  He seems to be in and out of court for one charge or another, usually drugs or domestic violence.  Not cool at all and nothing to celebrate.

And he looks a hot ass mess!  Just Google “Edward Furlong Court”.

You can say this is what happens to a kid who grows up without any kind of stable home life, becomes an international star, gets into a relationship with his 29 year old tutor at age 15, and gets legally emancipated from his parents at age 16.  He’s definitely had more than his share of problems since then including alcohol and drug addiction and a history of alleged domestic violence against his girlfriends.

Too bad though, because he really is a very good actor.  Back to the (relatively) good ol’ days!


Rider Strong

Well it appears that Rider will reprise his role as Shawn Hunter on the upcoming Disney series Girl Meets World – of course the sequel of sorts to the 90′s sitcom Boy Meets World.  The initial word was that he wouldn’t appear, but it seems he filmed an episode last month that will be on when the show debuts this summer.

To me, the original show Boys Meets World was as much about the friendship between Cory and Shawn, as it was about Cory and Topanga.  So I’m glad Rider will at least make an appearance as Shawn.  If Lee Norris is reprising his role as Minkus for an episode, damn sure Rider better be back as Shawn!


Mike Vitar – 90′s Sport Movie Boy

Mike Vitar seemed to be the jock of the 90′s.

He was only in a few movies in the mid 90′s, but he was pretty popular.  I remember seeing him in alot of magazines back then!

The first big one was in the now-classic baseball movie The Sandlot.  I realized last summer how much time had gone by when the Texas Rangers showed the movie to a stadium full of kids to celebrate the movie’s 20th anniversary!  It was a pretty cool idea, though.  After the game, kids and parents had a sleepover right on the field with sleeping bags and all, and they showed the movie on the huge jumbotron type screen.  Apparently, they did this on a tour last summer, which is pretty cool.


Mike was next in the second and third Mighty Ducks movies where he went from a baseball player to a hockey player.  He plays Luis Mendoza, one of the new players to the team.

Shortly after the third Mighty Ducks movies, Mike retired from acting.  He is now a firefighter in Los Angeles and is married with 3 kids!


Happy Birthday Scott Moffatt!

Scott Moffatt turns 31 today!

Scary right?

I loved The Moffatts, I won’t bullshit about it.  And Scott WAS The Moffatts.  Sorry, but it’s true.  It took all 4 of them to create the music, but if you ever saw them play live, you know what I’m saying.  If there was ever a charismatic front man for a teen band, it was Scott.

Thank you and Happy Birthday you crazy talented timeless f-er!


Vincent Kartheiser

Most people know him today for playing Pete Campbell on the series Mad Men, but Vincent Kartheiser got his start acting over 20 years ago in the early 90′s.

His first movie was Untamed Heart back in ’93 with Christian Slater and Marisa Tomei.  He then went on to star in a bunch of movie you might remember!  Movies like Indian In The Cupboard, Heaven Sent, Alaska, Masterminds, Another Day In Paradise, All I Wanna Do, and Crime + Punishment In Suburbia.

All I Wanna Do is pretty memorable particularly because it had so many young stars of the time like Kirsten Dunst, Rachel Leigh Cook, Gaby Hoffman along with Vincent, Tom Guiry, Matthew Lawrence, Hayden Christensen, and Shawn Ashmore!  It also couldn’t seem to settle on a name either, getting released on DVD (or maybe it was still video back then, I can’t remember!) under the names Strike! and Hairy Bird.

I always thought he was one of the better young stars back then in terms of pure acting.  He always seemed to have that intense thing going on.  After those movies, you might remember him as Connor on the series Angel too!


Richard Jackson – Early 90′s Style

One thing I love about watching shows from the early 90′s especially, is seeing what people were wearing.  It was the tail end of the late 80′s era of Cavaricci pants, belt, with the tucked-in button down shirt.  And the layers of t-shirt, button-down shirt, vest.  I still can’t believe we work the demin button down shirt!  Nothing brought that style to my head more than Saved By The Bell: The New Class!

In case you don’t remember, Richard played Ryan Parker, one of the Zack Morris-type characters they tried out on the show.  The one who got to look at the camera.  None of them really ever matched Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s Zack Morris in terms of charisma, but Richard was the best of The New Class “Zacks”.  The other ones were Robert Sutherland Telfer in the first season as Scott, Christian Oliver next as Brian, then after Richard left the show… Tom Huntington as Tony.

They never really could get it together with that show, even though it lasted for 7 seasons.  They tried every combination of characters and actors, but it just never seemed to really work.  The problem probably was that the producers changed NOTHING about the show between the original and The New Class.  No one could step in and replace an iconic character like Zack Morris!  And after season one, they replaced Telfer and Isaac Lidsky who played Weasel, the Screech-type character… and kept Jonathan Angel playing Tommy D!  He was just horrible, sorry.  But, he was!  Couldn’t act even for Saved By The Bell!

Back to Richard Jackson and his character of Ryan… he was the best of the group in that lead part, and you have to love those 90′s styles!


Happy Birthday Taylor Hanson!

Taylor Hanson turns 31 today!  Happy birthday Mr. Hanson!

Yes I feel old that Taylor Hanson is 31!  But, Taylor really is a talented … yeah that!  We all know he came on the scene in the 90′s and he was just, sorry… but pretty!  For awhile (the MMMBop years) that’s all he was known for… being blond and pretty… and over-exposed.  Hanson actually is a really good band, though!

No one wanted to hear that!  Many Hanson fans back then had to hide that they were fans.  And that hasn’t changed for me.

I used to have parties at my house and people would look at my CDs and see Hanson and say… “Really?  HANSON?”  And now they just turn up on my Google Chrome playlist and people say… “Hanson?”  Their recent music is good and I won’t say I’m not a fan!  So I say, yeah Hanson… why are you dancing to it?

Happy Birthday Taylor Hanson!!  We all still love you!

Devon Sawa

So rumor has it that the sequel to SLC Punk is finally going to get a sequel.  The director has been trying to raise money for it awhile now, and it seems like it will be filming soon.

According to some sources, most of the original cast will be returning, including Devon.  That’s pretty good news especially if you liked the first movie!  It will be called Punk’s Dead: SLC Punk! 2.  I loved the frenetic style of the first movie and wonder if the director will continue that kind of style.  And if Devon will still have the crazyass green hair!




I doubt it since it’s about 15 years later, but it will be cool to see!  Keep your eyes open for SLC! Punk 2!

Clint Moffatt

Today is Clint’s 30th birthday!  Of course, it’s also Bob and Dave’s birthday!

Clint is the bass player of the 90′s band The Moffatts and the current group Same Same that plays around the Nashville area.  Of the triplets, Clint and Bob are identical and thankfully back in the 90′s Clint had short and dyed blond hair so you could tell them apart!

Nick Carter

I was reading an old article from last month about how Nick Carter missed his sister Angel’s wedding to go to his own bachelor party in Vegas.  It got me thinking about Nick and how he really turned his life around since his mega-partying days with BSB and after.  Good for him!  (About the healthy lifestyles, not ditching his sister’s wedding!)

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