Hanson is a band that got their start in the mid 90′s with 2 independently released albums.  They were a part of the explosion of “boybands” that took place in the late ’90s, along with Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, and more.  Hanson was a bit different though, not really being a purely vocal band.  They all played their own music – with Isaac playing guitar, Taylor playing keyboards, and Zac playing drums.

Hanson became international mega-stars with their 1997 hit song “MMMBop”.  The song was a phenomenal success reaching number one in over 25 different countries.  It played over, and over, and over on the radio at the time!

The song was their biggest hit and launched the album Middle Of Nowhere to quadruple platinum status in the United States, and sold over 10 million albums worldwide.  The album also produced two more Top 40 singles, “Where’s The Love” and “I Will Come To You”.

With the success of “MMMBop” and Middle Of Nowhere, Hanson was suddenly on the cover of every teen magazine in the world!  Their pictures were everywhere, and “MMMBop” played constantly.  This probably led to their overexposure, which led to a little bit of a backlash against them.

After Middle Of Nowhere, Hanson released 7 more albums, including 2013′s Anthem.  They are still going strong producing some pretty good music!

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